Coffee cake with cream cheese & coffee frosting, topped with chocolate powder.
Café Con Leche
Milk coffee cake with coffee and cream frosting.
Lemon Drop
Golden cake with lemon drop frosting & lemon custard filling with graham crackers.
Loaded Peanut
Swirled vanilla, chocolate & peanut butter cake, with chocolate and peanut butter frosting with a peanut butter cup.
The Bugs Bunny
Spiced carrot cake with cream cheese frosting & pecans.
Plain Vanilla Jeanette
Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and colorful sprinkles.
Plain Chocolate Jeanette
Chocolate cake with chocolate, vanilla frosting and colorful sprinkles.
I love Chocolate
A chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling, vanilla frosting & chocolate fudge drizzle.
Strawberry Romance
Strawberry cake with strawberry filling & strawberry frosting.
Dulce de Leche
Caramel cake with dulce de leche frosting, dulce de leche filling, with caramel candy & drizzle.
The Red Velvet
Traditional red velvet cake with sweet cream cheese frosting, red velvet crumbs with and a fondant red heart.
Chocolate & vanilla cake with chocolate & vanilla frosting.
Pina Colada
Coconut cake with coconut custard filling & pina colada frosting.
The Monkey
Banana cake, banana custard filling, banana frosting & a sliced banana on top.
Coconut Cream
Coconut cake with coconut custard filling, coconut butter cream frosting and toasted coconut crumbs.
Boston Crème Pie
Chocolate cake with Bavarian cream filling, vanilla frosting & chocolate dip.
German Chocolate
Chocolate cake with German chocolate filling, German chocolate frosting & coconut shavings.
Cinnamon Roll
Cinnamon raisin cake with cream cheese frosting.
White cake with blueberry filling & blueberry frosting.
England Raspberry
White cake with raspberry filling flavored raspberry frosting with a raspberry candy on top.
White cake with Oreo frosting topped with a mini Oreo cookie.
Cotton Candy
Confetti cake with cotton candy flavored frosting with bubble gum on top.
Vanilla, chocolate, & strawberry cake swirled with chocolate, vanilla & strawberry frosting.
Springs Sweets: March – May
Strawberry Cheesecake -Gold Cake/ Cream Cheese Filling/ Strawberry Cream Cheese frosting
Summer Sweets: June - August
Pink Lemonade -Pink Lemonade cake/Pink Lemonade frosting
Fall Sweets: September - November
Pumpkin Pie -Pumpkin Cake/ Cinnamon frosting
Winter Sweets: December - February
The North Pole -Chocolate Cake/ Ganache/ White Chocolate/ Candy Cane Oreo Buttercream